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3, place de la République
32000 AUCH

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The path that you will be following once joined the bastide of Pavie to the hamlet of Besmaux, which was only a modest seigneury until François de Monlezun, like many other Gascon natives, left for Paris to seek his fortune.

As the king's Musketeer, he served as governor of the Bastille under Louis XIV for 39 years and became considerably wealthy, giving rise to the development of the castle and estate. This itinerary will bring you to the banks of the Sousson and the woodlands of the estate, filled with the original tree species that were imported from America.

1- Head for "La Fenière". Take a right and follow the Hont de Long path. At Place Jean Moulin, go into the impasse and continue along the shady path. Follow along the hedge, turn left and continue on toward the antenna relay tower.

2- After passing the pond, follow the hedge and take a right on the tar road. Take a left at the intersection.

3- Just before reaching the metal bridge, take a left and walk along the Sousson stream for 1.5 km. Come back up on the left, along a hedge, to reach the scots pine woods on the right.

4- Enter the Les Coumettes woodlands and follow the botanic path to the right. After climbing a winding path up the slope, turn right to reach the picnic area. Continue along.

5- Turn right on the tar road and then immediately left to cross a thicket. Come back up on the left along the road for 100 metres and enter the pine woods on the left. Follow the marked path. When you leave the woods, take the road to the left for 80 m.

6- Enter the Les Besmaux woods on the right to walk along its network of paths. After the abandoned dovecote, make your way down on the right, then come back up to reach the equestrian centre located behind Besmaux castle.

7- Pass in front of the stables and follow the road to the right along approximately 1 km until you reach "Bernard Jouan". Follow the path to the left until you reach the itinerary that you took to reach the antenna relay tower.

TerraGers rating

  • TerraGers rating : TerraGers


  • Footpaths, 
  • All-terrain bikes, 
  • VTT électrique


  • 12.00 km


  • 3 h

Level of difficulty

  • Intermediary
  • Afficher


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