The Sainte-Marie Cathedral is one of the most great heritage treasures of the city of Auch.

Completed in 1680 after two centuries of work, it is dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin. It is a magnificent illustration of the architectural transition between the end of Flamboyant Gothic and the affirmation of Renaissance and Classical styles. In 2013, we celebrate 500 years of stained glass chapels - completed in 1513 by master glassmaker Arnaut de Moles.

It was precisely on June 25, 2013 that the stained glass windows of the Sainte-Marie cathedral were 500 years old. On this occasion, several thematic tours were offered by the guides of the Grand Auch Art and History Country. a concert was given in partnership with the Éclats de Voix festival on the theme of sibyls.

The brightness of the glass roofs

The 18 glass roofs shimmering colors of the ambulatory are contemporary with the construction of the chapel and are signed by Arnaut de Moles and dedicated in Occitan. They illustrate scenes from the Old and New Testaments (genesis, crucifixion, apparitions of Christ) and present a gallery of biblical characters depicted in full length in architectural decorations in perspective.

The presence of the sibyls testifies to the reappropriation by the Catholic Church of pagan prophetesses reputed to announce the coming of Christ.

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