If you’re looking for a playground where recreation comes with escape and sensation, a place where you’ll find yourself chilling out before you know it, surpassing yourself to make a better start, then we’ve got what it takes! Welcome to Quad Concept.

There are so many excuses for having fun

Paintball auch

Taking time out or celebrating a birthday, getting a group to bond or throwing a hen-party, getting friends together, or keeping it in the family, everyone has a good reason for calling on Francis and his welcoming team. They have come up with fail-proof schemes.

There are so many sensations to feel

Are you introspective? Try quad biking. The vehicles are fun and easy-going. The scenic nature trails will take you into the forest, on tracks, or into the vineyards. When you emerge from the undergrowth you’ll be amazed by the beauty of the valleys and the view of Auch and its cathedral.

Quad foret auch

Those with quad biking experience can opt for the more testing routes with steep descents and bridge crossings.

. Have you got the makings of a warrior? Test yourself against your friends on one of the three Paintball or Laser game pitches, with a gun at your wrist!

Paintball équipe rouge

Our little champs are also allowed to drive a quad (from 6 years upwards). They can also play at Laser game (from 6 years upwards) and Paintball (from 12 years upwards), not to mention the off-road motorbiking school (from 6 years upwards) for budding bikers.  

Motocross enfant

A little less adventurous…

Quad enfants

If like me, you have trouble finding your courage, if you get a knot in your tummy just thinking about mounting one of these vehicles, rest assured, you’re in safe hands.

Francis has headed this squadron for 30 years

Francis will put you at ease with a good dose of humour into the bargain. As soon as you get to the grounds, he comes out with suitable hints, inspiring trust. This Auch farmer glows with the spirit of the South-West, eager to share his love of his lands with you

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