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rue des Fontaines - BP 10
32410 Castéra-Verduzan

Phone : +33 (0)5 62 68 00 00

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From 24/07/2017 to 31/12/2017
Thermal Baths spa section.

In the heart of the Gers, the Thermal Baths of Castera Verduzan invite those seeking a cure, as well as those seeking spa treatments, to come and experience a tranquil break. This health center combines its quality treatments, sporting activities and pleasure spa for a moment of pure happiness. Therapeutic virtues and aquatic pleasure, based on thermal spa waters, join together to provide a relaxing sensation of wellbeing and renewed energy.

The thermal baths of Castéra-Verduzan (Station Verte) are located in a fully renovated spa establishment, open since 1817 and nestled in an exceptionally beautiful setting.

The 22°C waters are sulphated, calcic and magnesian. Its spring, "Renaissance", is recognised for its therapeutic benefits. The spa centre is qualified to treat digestive disorders and metabolic illnesses, as well as disorders of the bucco-lingual mucus membranes.

The organic natural Buccotherm® product line (with no paraben) is prepared with the thermal water of Castéra–Verduzan in the laboratory installed within the spa centre. These products are suited to the whole family.

The Aquadétente area can be freely accessed for moments of well-being to enjoy without moderation, or very nearly! Enjoy a thermal pool, sauna, steam bath, spa, aquagym, baby swimming classes, a fitness room, and more. This spa relaxation space is open seven days a week, including on holidays.


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    Jour Ouverture
    Lundià 08:30jusqu'à 12:00à 14:00jusqu'à 18:30
    Mardià 08:30jusqu'à 12:00à 14:00jusqu'à 18:30
    Mercredià 08:30jusqu'à 12:00à 14:00jusqu'à 18:30
    Jeudià 08:30jusqu'à 12:00à 14:00jusqu'à 18:30
    Vendredià 08:30jusqu'à 12:00à 14:00jusqu'à 18:30
    Samedià 08:30jusqu'à 12:00à 14:00jusqu'à 18:30
    Dimancheà 14:00jusqu'à 18:00
    Observation Pas de cures et soins thermaux durant cette période
    Jour Ouverture
    Lundià 08:00jusqu'à 19:00
    Mardià 08:00jusqu'à 19:00
    Mercredià 08:00jusqu'à 19:00
    Jeudià 08:00jusqu'à 19:00
    Vendredià 08:00jusqu'à 19:00
    Samedià 08:00jusqu'à 19:00
    Dimancheà 08.30jusqu'à 19:00

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Collection Tourisme Gers/Thermes Castéra-Verduzan/J.F. Talivez, Collection Tourisme Gers/Thermes Castéra/J.F Talivez
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